Faith Healer by Brian Friel, Gate Theatre

Lonergan, Patrick
Lonergan, Patrick (2010) Faith Healer by Brian Friel, Gate Theatre, Irish Theatre Magazine Online
During the last decade, Owen Roe has emerged as one of Ireland’s very best actors – yet, until now, he’s rarely filled a major leading role. His performance as the Irishman in Ben Barnes’s 2001 Gigli Concert was astonishing precisely because it was so well matched by Mark Lambert in the role of JPW King. Likewise, his work as Petruchio in the 2006 Rough Magic Taming of the Shrew was memorable because it was so thoroughly complemented by Pauline McLynne’s Katherina. Roe, in other words, is the kind of actor one could build a company around: he excels when he works with others – mirroring them, reacting to them, listening to them. Some actors are so great that they can make others seem mediocre by comparison. Roe is great because he allows everyone around him to seem excellent.
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