The Implementation Of Citizen-Centred E-government: a Stakeholder Viewpoint

Hughes, Martin
Scott, Murray
Golden, William
Scott, M., Golden, W., & Hughes, M. 2004, The Implementation Of Citizen-Centred E-government: a Stakeholder Viewpoint. Centre for Innovation and Structural Change, NUI, Galway, Ireland; Working Papers, pp1-12.
E-Government provides unprecedented opportunities to improve citize services and achieve cost efficiencies through process change. As a resul implementation models have been developed to support the successfu attainment of citizen-centred e-government. This paper reports from comprehensive study of e-government implementation in Ireland, conducte over the last two years, the outcome of which is assessed from the view-poin of multiple stakeholders. This paper argues that the potential of the Internet t transform service delivery has influenced the focus of implementation model for e-government, precipitating governments to concentrate on achieving web enabled service delivery and ignoring wider issues of stakeholder managemen and involvement. A central problem in Information Systems (IS) is th mismatch in expectation of what IS can and cannot deliver; in the context of e government in Ireland, IS has not delivered the hoped for panacea. This pape argues that the role of stakeholder involvement should be an essentia component of implementation strategy in order to develop realistic an achievable expectations of the capability and function of e-government.
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