'I'm letting them down': The perceived challenges for women when making life changes for health

Fox, Jackie
Erlandsson, Lena-Karin
Shiel, Agnes
Fox, Jackie, Erlandsson, Lena-Karin, & Shiel, Agnes. (2023). 'I'm letting them down': The perceived challenges for women when making life changes for health. Paper presented at the 37th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Bremen, Germany, 04 - 08 September.
Background: ReDO-10® is a 10-week group programme facilitated by occupational therapists to support people make changes to daily activities for a more satisfying and balanced everyday life. The programme was piloted in primary care in Ireland for women with psychological distress. While women reported positive outcomes, there were social/personal challenges and resources that influenced how well all women were able to make life changes. The objectives of this analysis were to understand (1) the personal/social challenges women faced when trying to implement new daily strategies for better wellbeing and (2) the personal/social resources that supported their efforts. Methods: Three ReDO®-10 groups were facilitated in 2019-2020 (n=21). Fourteen women were interviewed after their participation. Data was analysed using directed content analysis with the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) as a coding framework. Findings: The TDF-guided analysis showed that women faced significant challenges in capabilities, motivation and opportunities when trying new strategies. Beliefs about their own capabilities and about the consequences changes would have on others were particularly influential. Socially, women with children and partners were supported or hindered in making changes by interpersonal factors in the home and their own beliefs about their social roles/identities. Discussion: Those that attend healthcare interventions inhabit a life context and have personal strengths, challenges and resources that can influence how likely health behaviour change is for them. Future adaptations of ReDO®-10 can include more resources to better support women as they try to make changes to daily activities
University of Galway
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