Establishing mission networks in the early modern catholic church: ireland, rome and the west indies, 1600-1669

Binasco, Matteo
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This thesis investigates the attempts which were made to develop a triangular missionary connection between the Irish Colleges in Rome, the Irish mission, and the West Indies from 1600 to 1669. Structured in seven chapters, this thesis aims to widen the historiography on the Irish missionary activities in and beyond Europe by exploring the complex interplay of factors which led to the planning and development of this missionary networking. This study also seeks to trace the activities and the movement of the clerics who were involved within this missionary channel. At the same time, it seeks to identify and highlight the difficulties which affected their activity throughout the period examined. The chapters that follow will provide a detailed investigation of how and to which extent the Irish clergy was able to respond to the expansion of ministry outside the Irish mission which, throughout the seventeenth century, was dictated by the growing pastoral needs of the Irish communities in and beyond Europe.
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