Energy Management Information Systems: An Exploratory Study Of Implementations Using Adaptive Structuration Theory

Molloy, Padraig
Golden, William
Kirwan, Orla
Kirwan, O., Golden, W., Molloy, P. Energy Management Information Systems: An Exploratory Study of Implementations using Adaptive Structuration Theory. ICEIS Conference, Madeira Portugal, June 14-16th 2007.
This research is focusing on the implementation of an Information System (IS), more specifically a building energy management system (BEMS) within several organisations. One of the EU's 7th Framework Programme's (FP7) objectives is to 'transform the current fossil fuel based energy system into a more sustainable one combined with enhanced energy efficiency (EE)'. This research is concerned with the use of information systems to achieve the latter of these objectives; enhanced energy efficiency. The research is being undertaken using a multi methodological approach incorporating case study methodology and grounded theory. Advanced structuration theory (AST) will provide the conceptual model that will help to capture the longitudinal change process. A modified AST model is proposed which will provide a theoretical framework that further investigates and explains the implementation process, using several organisations at different stages of BEMS implementation. The researcher has confirmed access to these organisations and data collection commenced on October 1st 2006. The paper concludes with an overview of how the research will progress.
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