Parenting support and parental participation: qualitative interview findings

Crosse, Rosemary
Devaney, Carmel
Crosse, R. and Devaney, C. (2018) Parenting Support and Parental Participation: Qualitative Interview Findings. Galway: UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland Galway.
The Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS) Programme is a comprehensive programme of early intervention and preventative work which is being undertaken by Tusla, Ireland’s Child and Family Agency with the support of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre (UCFRC), National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway). This Programme is being implemented collaboratively by Tusla and its partner organisations by way of fi ve main work streams (Tusla, 2017): Meitheal and Child and Family Support Networks; Parenting Support and Parental Participation; Children’s Participation; Public Awareness; and Commissioning. The fi ndings presented in this report relate to the Parenting Support and Parental Participation programme of work.
UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway
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