Towards a crowd-sourced WordNet for colloquial English

McCrae, John P.
Wood, Ian D.
Hicks, Amanda
McCrae, John P., Wood, Ian D., & Hicks, Amanda. (2018). Towards a crowd-sourced WordNet for colloquial English. Paper presented at the GWC 2018: The 9th Global WordNet Conference, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, 8-12 January.
Princeton WordNet is one of the most widely-used resources for natural language processing, but is updated only infrequently and cannot keep up with the fast-changing usage of the English language on social media platforms such as Twitter. The Colloquial WordNet aims to provide an open platform whereby anyone can contribute, while still following the structure of WordNet. Many crowdsourced lexical resources often have significant quality issues, and as such care must be taken in the design of the interface to ensure quality. In this paper, we present the development of a platform that can be opened on the Web to any lexicographer who wishes to contribute to this resource and the lexicographic methodology applied by this interface.
The Global WordNet Association
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