Team members and knowledge sharing.

Halonen, Raija
Halonen, R. (May 2009) "Team members and knowledge sharing." Paper presented at COST298, Copenhagen, Denmark.
This study explores issues that help team members to share knowledge in their work environment. In this study knowledge is understood as human action and therefore people as actors are emphasised in the approach. Literature describes knowledge with several concepts and knowledge is classified in versatile ways. In this article knowledge is explored with the help of a case study that opens the conceptual view of knowledge. In the exploration, several models described in prior study are explained. All the models emphasise interaction urge us to investigate how interaction is supported in teams. The empirical case promotes in understanding the theoretical approach and in so doing, it benefits in making evaluations of information technology as a tool of knowledge management. Likewise, the empirical description reveals the real settings where teams might work and thus it points out issues for the future design of information and communication technology, as well.
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