From iTE to NQT: Evaluating newly qualified teachers use of mobile technology in their first two years of teaching

Mac Mahon, Brendan
Ó Grádaigh, Seán
Ní Ghuidhir, Sinéad
Mac Mahon, B., Grádaigh, S. Ó., & Ghuidhir, S. N. (2018). From iTE to NQT: Evaluating Newly Qualified Teachers' Use of Mobile Technology in Their First Two Years of Teaching. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL), 10(2), 8-19. doi:10.4018/IJMBL.2018040102
This article outlines a study to examine if newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who had incorporated iPad within pedagogical practice during initial teacher education, continued to do so in their first two years of teaching, and also to identify the challenges to integration that emerged. Findings show that use of iPad in teaching, learning and assessment by NQTs during induction year was followed by a significant fall in Year 2. Deeply embedded external barriers at both system and individual school context level are shown to exert significant influence on the use of iPad within pedagogical practice. It is concluded that NQTs require ongoing support to maintain and develop their practice with technology, and also that significant reform is required at senior cycle in Irish secondary schools to enable technology integration.
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