HyperCuP Lightweight Implementation: A Universal Solution for Making Application Distributed

Grzonkowski, Slawomir
Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard
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Slawomir Grzonkowski, Sebastian Ryszard Kruk "HyperCuP Lightweight Implementation: A Universal Solution for Making Application Distributed", Demo and Poster Proceedings of the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006), 2006.
Contemporary applications need an efficient solution for communication to implement robust information retrieval mechanisms and fault tolerant networks. Apart from implementing a robust, scalable communication protocol the solution should be accessible with easy to use API that would not require too much of an effort to use it. In this article we present HyperCuP Lightweight Implementation (HLI) which delivers an alternative P2P architecture based on web services. This implementation has already been deployed with diverse systems like JeromeDL, a semantic digital library and FOAFRealm, a distributed identity management system based on social networking. We describe an architecture of the HyperCuP Lightweight Implementation. We show how to deploy it with one¿s own application and how to take advantage of the established hypercube topology.
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