The Call by Tara Maria Lovett, Peri-Talking at The Crypt

Lonergan, Patrick
Lonergan, Patrick. (2002). The Call by Tara Maria Lovett, Peri-Talking at The Crypt. Irish Theatre Magazine, Winter, 3(13).
Arriving to watch Tara Maria Lovett’s The Call, we realise that we have entered a human body. The room pulses with red lighting as we take our seats around a ribcage, a pile of stones at its centre representing a heart. The owner of this body, Maddie – played by Emma Coolahan – emerges and, prompted by a mysterious ‘voice’ played by Declan Mills, she describes how her heart has been turned to stone. Taking us from her childhood to young adulthood in a series of vignettes, Maddie explains how she has struggled to understand herself and her relationships with a number of different men, all performed very entertainingly by Michael FitzGerald.
Irish Theatre Magazine
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