Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal!

Corlosquet, Stéphane
Delbru, Renaud
Polleres, Axel
Decker, Stefan
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Stéphane Corlosquet, Renaud Delbru, Tim Clark, Axel Polleres, Stefan Decker "Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal!", Proceedings of the 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2009), Springer, 2009.
Currently a large number of Web sites are driven by Content Management Systems (CMS) which manage textual and multimedia content but also - inherently - carry valuable information about a site¿s structure and content model. Exposing this structured information to the Web of Data has so far required considerable expertise in RDF and OWL modeling and additional programming effort. In this paper we tackle one of the most popular CMS: Drupal. We enable site administrators to export their site content model and data to the Web of Data without requiring extensive knowledge on Semantic Web technologies. Our modules create RDF a annotations and ¿ optionally ¿ a SPARQL endpoint for any Drupal site out of the box. Likewise, we add the means to map the site data to existing ontologies on the Web with a search interface to find commonly used ontology terms. We also allow a Drupal site administrator to include existing RDF data from remote SPARQL endpoints on the Web in the site. When brought together, these features allow networked RDF Drupal sites that reuse and enrich Linked Data. We finally discuss the adoption of our modules and report on a use case in the biomedical field and the current status of its deployment.
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