Developing behaviour-based solutions that last: Examples from industry.

O'Hora, Denis
O Hora, D., Gravina, N., Faulkner, B. & Edwards, R. (2011) Developing behaviour-based solutions that last: Examples from industry Irish Ergonomics Society Annual Conference 2011
Organizational behaviour management (OBM) is an approach to enhancing the performance of organizations. Based originally on the theories of B. F. Skinner and other psychologists, OBM practitioners have developed tried and trusted solutions in the areas of behaviour-based safety, performance management and behavioural systems analysis. Core to an OBM approach is a focus on bringing about persistent and irreversible positive behaviour change. The current paper provides a brief conceptual background on OBM and details three examples of OBM-based solutions in a range of industries. Through these examples, we will demonstrate how organizational contexts inadvertently support and maintain substandard performance and how changing organizational contingencies and culture enables us to develop lasting behavioural solutions.
Irish Ergonomics Society
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