Tuberculosis in alpaca (lama pacos) on a farm in ireland. 1. a clinical report

Ryan, EG
Dwyer, PJ
Connolly, DJ
Fagan, J
Costello, E
More, SJ
Ryan, EG; Dwyer, PJ; Connolly, DJ; Fagan, J; Costello, E; More, SJ (2008). Tuberculosis in alpaca (lama pacos) on a farm in ireland. 1. a clinical report. Irish Veterinary Journal 61 (8), 527-531
This case report describes tuberculosis (TB) due to infection with Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) in alpaca (Lama pacos) on a farm in Ireland. Two severely debilitated alpaca were presented to the University Veterinary Hospital, University College Dublin in November 2004. Bloods were taken, and haematology and biochemistry results were indicative of chronic infection. Radiological examination showed evidence of diffuse granulomatous pneumonia suggestive of tuberculosis. On necropsy there were granulomatous lesions present throughout many body organs including lung, liver, kidney, intestine as well on peritoneum and mesentery. Culture of acid-fast bacilli from lesions led to a diagnosis of tuberculosis due to M. bovis. The use of intradermal skin testing proved inefficient and unreliable for ante mortem diagnosis of tuberculosis in alpaca. Infection due to M. bovis should be considered among the differential diagnoses of debilitating diseases in alpaca, particularly those farmed in areas known to be traditional black spots for tuberculosis in cattle.
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