Detection and repair of flash-eye in handheld devices

Corcoran, Peter
Bigioi, Petronel
Nanu, Florin
Corcoran, P. M., Bigioi, P., & Nanu, F. (2014, 10-13 Jan. 2014). Detection and repair of flash-eye in handheld devices. Paper presented at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE).
Red-eye and flash-eye defects in still photography continue to cause problems for digital imaging devices. New variants of flash-eye defects have appeared as cameras and cameras sub-systems get smaller in size. This paper reviews a range of the more recent techniques that have been applied to solve various problems associated with red and non-red flash-eye, particularly solutions which are implemented in cameras or mobile imaging devices. Four principle categories of flash-eye defect are identified and techniques are outlined to deal with each of these. The use of face, eye and scene metadata obtained within the camera is also considered. Some advanced techniques to improve the correction and reconstruction of eye regions are also considered.
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